Josie’s Botanicals

Sustainable plant-based natural skincare

Sourcing the highest quality, plant-based ingredients to give you maximum results without hurting a single living thing in the process.

Created by Barbara, a teacher and practitioner of holistic therapies, specialist in natural facials and facial rejuvenation aromatherapist, reflexologist, massage therapist, and nutritional therapist; Josie’s Botanicals sees how synthetic chemicals can disrupt the delicate balance of hormones in the body. Over the years, Barbara found it impossible to source products that used 100% pure and natural ingredients to use on sensitive or compromised skin.

Eventually drawing on her heritage, she blended the purest organic active ingredients and essential oils to create precise formulations to meet everyday skin concerns. She tested these formulations on friends and family and their symptoms markedly improved. Her inner circle loved the products so much, that they wanted to buy them.

Josies Botanicals is born out of a passion for natural healing with a focus always on integrity; our packaging is recycled or recyclable, and all products are tested on humans, not animals. Sustainable production with 100% plant-based ingredients designed for maximum results—natural skincare you can trust, with results you will love.

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