Natural Skincare, Soap and Shampoo

A family run business working with salvaged slate and natural skincare.

Since 1999 Heartworks Handmade Gifts have been crafting products at the Gate Lodge of Charleville Castle, in Tullamore. Our skincare journey began in 2015 when we got into producing our own soap. My sister in Philadelphia owns a very successful soap business there called copa soaps, and she gave me her secret recipe for my first soaps.

From there we developed our shampoo bars. At that stage we decided to begin to make soaps and shampoo bars without palm oil (although we still have those products with the palm oil) and we developed another 6 recipes combining locally sourced ingredients. By 2017 we expanded into body butter, lip balm followed in the same year by Night Face Cream. In 2019 we added cream deodorant, shaving soap and beard balm to our skincare line. This year, 2020, so far, we have developed a new facial oil cleanser using organic oils of sunflower, castor and golden jojoba. We’ve added to our soap collection in that we now have two gift boxes of 4 half soaps. So now, you get to try 4 varieties in the one pack. All our creams, balms and deodorants are free of palm oil and a lot of our soaps and shampoo bars.

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