Roisin Graham

Oils and Sound Essence sets.

A beautiful selection of Sound Essence sets for Chakras, Archangels, Meridians, Auras and Heart.

Hi I m Roisin Graham and I am here to help you and your family with reducing and releasing fear, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. The way I help you to do this is by combining Kinesiology and Sound Healing. I work one to one with clients and groups and through video calls. I also work with children.

Wellness Kinesiology involves releasing and defusing stress and stuck emotions from the body quickly and effectively using a variety of different methods. Sound Healing works quickly to heal on a very deep level. Some of the benefits to sound healing are improved focus and concentration, promotes relaxation and calms the mind. Improved sleep is also known to be one of the fantastic benefits many people experience from Sound Healing.

In the course of my work I use these beautiful Sound Essences. They have a very high frequency as each one holds the note of the crystal bowl they are made in. They also contain essential oils, crystals, positive affirmations and sacred geometry. I have found that Sound Essences have helped, not only myself and my family personally but also I find my clients release negative emotions much more easily when we use the sound essence and especially when we choose the exact one that is suitable for their particular issue on that day. I also use the Sound Essences to clear and cleanse my therapy room and home. Many therapists use them and find they are a big help during their work with clients. Each of these healing modalities individually are very profound and powerful.

When combined together in one session, or a programme which is totally dedicated to your priorities, needs, desires and goals just makes it so much easier to bring more balance into your mind and body and leaves you feeling  empowered and better able to manage your life.

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