The Silk Edit

Silk accessories and gifts.

Combining sustainability and Luxury, these 100% silk products are made to help aid with skin and sleep concerns. Made from silk offcuts and/or have been hand dyed with Natural Dyes. All products are handmade and handdyed in Smithfield.

Bethaney Woolley Studios is an emerging brand based in Dublin, Ireland. Bethaney Woolley is a 2020 graduate from Griffith College Dublin, whose graduate collection has been shortlisted in the IDI Awards 2020 and featured in publications such as ONUS Magazine.

Focusing on sustainability in the fashion industry, Bethaney Woolley Studios embraces sustainable practices and continuously strives to push the boundaries with innovative techniques. One of the brand’s ultimate goals this year was to create products that are both sustainable and luxurious, two concepts that are often considered to be mutually exclusive. Here at Bethaney Woolley Studios we continuously strive to be an inclusive and progressive brand and we pride ourselves on creating beautiful sustainable products that will stand the test of time.

‘The Silk Edit’ is a collection of luxurious accessories made from 100% pure silk. All of our material is sourced from offcuts or end-of-roll fabrics that typically end up in landfill. All of our dyed products have been hand-dyed in Smithfield, Dublin, using natural dye techniques.

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